Gardeners’ Association “TAURAS”

Articles of Association

1. The Gardeners’ Association “TAURAS” (hereinafter – the Community) is a non-profit public legal entity with limited civil liability.
2. The legal form of the Community shall be the gardeners’ association.
3. The Community shall have a seal and accounts in the banks of the Republic of Lithuania.
4. Community financial year: beginning on 1 January, ending on 31 December. 


1.1.The gardeners’ community is a part of the community that fully develops amateur horticulture, nurtures and preserves nature and the landscape. The Community is a non-profit-making public legal entity whose purpose is to exercise the general rights and obligations of gardeners in relation to the management, maintenance and use of the amateur garden area and its public facilities.
1.2. The Community shall act in accordance with the principles of solidarity, equality

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